Training Philosophy

Why It Works

CERC’s training plans are developed to help you prepare for a specific goal race–whether it be a 5k,10k, half marathon, full marathon, or any distance in between.

Our certified running coaches use a five-prong approach to ensure your body makes proper adaptations that will keep you healthy and running for many years to come:


Base Building

The base building phase is the period of our training program where all mileage is run at a nice, easy pace. Think of your training like a pyramid where your base will provide you a solid foundation to build from. No matter what your fitness level is, never under estimate the importance of this phase of training.



Weekday Runs

Each run on our training schedules is labeled hard or easy. The hard/easy approach not only describes the paces that we follow each week, but also the mileage transition from day to day. Suggested mileage varies daily to allow your body to recover from the stress of each high-mileage run.



Weekly Mileage Progression

The mileage in our plans increases weekly to allow for a safe climb towards your ultimate distance goals. It increases on average by about10% of the total weekly mileage. First, the hard days (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays); then, the easy days. By doing this, we are able to safely distribute the mileage adequately during the week.



Quality Runs

Quality runs (aka "speed work") are specific workouts designed to teach your body to run at a faster pace for a longer period of time. CERC incorporates them into training plans only after you’ve developed a strong base.




Recovery is quite possibly the number one most overlooked element of training. It’s a time for our bodies to rebuild and adjust to training.