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CERC is proud to partner with Ohio State Sports Medicine.  The team of physical therapists has put together some important topics that will help keep you healthy and injury free during your training.  Be smart and take care of your body!

Don't forget that all CERC members have access to the sports medicine team during group runs and special events as well as via email all season.  CERC also is eligible for priority appointments if you need to see a physician.  Contact the team for more info.


Foot Strength

When we think about strengthening we often forget about our feet, but they need some attention to.  This foot strengthening article was shared with us by Ohio State Sports Medicine to help us to take care of our feet.

Preparing for Winter Running

Running in the winter can cause some unique challenges.  Be prepared to tackle those cold winter months with these great tips from the Ohio State Sports Medicine team!

Cool Down

A good cool down is an important part of any workout.  Cool down stretches help to loosen muscles that have tightened during exercise.  Check out this article for a variety of stretches that will help keep you injury free.

Dynamic Stretching

This video walks you through examples of warm up exercises designed by the Ohio State Sports Medicine team to help you increase your motion and efficiency of movement prior to any sporting activity.

Gait Analysis

All runners can benefit from a running gait analysis to increase efficiency. Runners who are experiencing any type of pain can benefit from the advice, and anyone looking to make improvements and prevent future injuries will find it valuable, too.

Injuries & Conditions

Getting an ache or pain checked out early could mean the difference between meeting your goals or cheering from the sidelines.  Check out these common injuries and conditions for information about treatment and care.  Of course, always reach out to the Ohio State Sports Medicine team for questions and care!

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