Ohio State Sports Medicine

CERC is proud to partner with Ohio State Sports Medicine. For over 10 years, OSU professionals have been sharing knowledge to help CERC members be smarter, better athletes.  Check out some of the great benefits our members enjoy.


Physical Therapy

CERC members have access to the physical therapy team at events as well as via email  If you have an ache or pain, don't hesitate to reach out to for some advice.  The physical therapists will share guidance to keep you healthy and meet your goals.  Contact the team for more info.


The team of physical therapists has put together some important topics that will help keep you healthy and injury free during your training.  Check out the articles here.

Video Library

During COVID, CERC and OSU Sports Medicine teamed up to host a virtual education series.  All of those events were recorded and are available here.  Topics include nutrition, mobility, core workouts and more.