COVID-19 Guidance

Last updated 5/27/20

Our Board continues to review the guidance from our Governor and is in contact with other running clubs in Columbus to discuss runner safety. We are keenly aware of the challenges associated with maintaining your health and wellbeing during these times.  We are very fortunate to have our partnership with OSU Sports Medicine, and several board members were able to meet with Dr. Michael Baria to discuss these issues. Following are the recommendations he provided to us.

·       When running with another person, you should run next to each other, 6 ft. apart.

·       If following other runners, you should follow at a distance of at least 20 to 30 ft.

·         If you want to run with others, you should commit to a small discreet group.  Just like you have your family unit at home that you maintain close contact with, you should establish the same with running, and everyone in that group should commit to not running with others. Maintain social distance guidelines as listed above. 

·       If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have had symptoms, you should have a cardiac evaluation prior to resuming physical activities.

·       More severe cases of COVID-19 may require as much as 3-6 months before activity can be resumed. Always consult with your physician on how to safely resume physical activity.

·       If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are asymptomatic, you should decrease physical activity. Once you have gone two weeks without symptoms you may gradually return to physical activity, so long as symptoms do not appear. Continue to follow CDC guidelines on self-quarantine. Current medical guidelines do not recommend a cardiac evaluation for asymptomatic cases at this time, but consulting with your physician before returning to physical activity is appropriate as that guidance could change, or there could be other risk factors involved.

·       Risks associated with COVID-19 increase dramatically for those age 55 and older.

·       Continue to maintain physical activity, either by yourself, with your family unit, or a small discreet group during this time.  Physical activity strengthens your immune system and is important for your mental health as well. However, be careful not to overdo your physical exertion.

·       If you are in an at-risk age group or have a pre-existing conditions that makes you vulnerable, try to limit your physical activity to 1 hour at 80% of your normal intensity so as not to compromise your immune system.

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